Clinical Angle Resolved Low Coherence Interferometry (a/LCI)


a/LCI is an optical technique that provides depth resolved nuclear morphology measurements by analyzing variations in the angular dependence of scattered light. Previous studies have demonstrated the capability of a/LCI in identifying epithelial dysplasia including esophageal and colon cancer through detection of enlarged nuclei in the basal layer of the epithelium. Recently, this technique has been extended to cervical cancer. An ex vivo pilot study has been conducted on excised human cervical tissue and achieved high sensitivity and specificity in distinguishing dysplastic tissue from healthy tissue. In addition, a clinical a/LCI system has been adapted for in vivo cervical imaging and a clinical study is currently being performed in collaboration with UCSF medical center.


Loris Hwang, MD
Susanna Benningfield
Janet Jonte

Associated Lab Members


  • Ken Chu
  • Derek Ho
  • Chenfei Hu
  • Wesley Kendall
  • Zachary Steelman
  • Haoran Zhang