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The Biomedical Interferometry, Optics and Spectroscopy (BIOS) laboratory was founded in 2002 and now houses a vital biophotonics research program with efforts in several areas. Biophotonics is the use of optical techniques and devices for biomedical and biological applications. Our areas of emphasis include Optical cancer diagnostic techniques, spectroscopic imaging techniques, phase microscopy methods, nanophotonic molecular sensing and imaging, and Tools for microbicide research. The BIOS laboratory is housed at the Fitzpatrick Institute of Photonics in the CIEMAS building and Chesterfield Building in downtown Durham. 

Interested personnel should contact 
Adam Wax

Postdoctoral Researchers: We are always looking for postdoctoral researchers to join our group. Among recent postdocs, several have gone on to found their own independent laboratories at Cambridge University (K. Chalut), Tel Aviv University (N. Shaked), and most recently Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Y. Zhu).

Graduate Students: Interested graduate students should get in touch with Dr. Wax by December of the year before they seek admission. Recent graduates have been employed as scientists by Becton Dickinson, management consultants at McKinsey & Co., and postdoctoral researchers (Duke U and MIT). MS students in BME and Medical Physics are also encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate Research: Our group has continually involved undergraduate students in research, typically 2-3 per semester. These students have demonstrated significant successes, including peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, graduation with distinction honors, and awards for outstanding research by our department, institute, and at conferences