BIOS Lab Students Present Research at Annual Biophotonics Congress

April 28, 2022

This April, our lab's very own Trey Highland and Albert Rancu attended the annual Biophotonics Congress, hosted by Optica, in Fort Lauderdale. More information about our presentations is below.

  • Trey Highland - Combined Quantitative Phase Microscopy and FöRster Resonance Energy Transfer Imaging for Analyzing Endothelial Cell Shear Stress Response. Demonstration of quantitative phase microscopy and Förster resonance energy transfer for analyzing molecular and structural information simultaneously. We focus on signaling pathways and sub-cellular structure for endothelial cells exposed to flow. 
  • Albert RancuAnalysis of Disorder Strength Across Quantitative Phase Imaging Systems. We use three Quantitative Phase Imaging modalities to measure morphological properties of adherent cells. We aim to show that cellular disorder strength differs between systems but can be directly compared by considering system resolution.