Poster: Spatial-Temporal Disorder Strength Measured by Quantitative Phase Imaging to Report Cell Stiffness

By Hillel B. Price, Steven Parker, Meghan Reynolds, and Adam Wax

Make sure you check out the rest of the work from the BIOS lab being presented at BMES 2021.

  • Cindy Chen: Accurate Classification of Cancer Cells Using Quantitative Phase Imaging. 10/7 3-4pm, Poster Hall #110. Abstract ID: 056 - 652
  • Julianna Bordas: Development of Optical Phantoms to Validate and Evaluate Biomedical Imaging Systems. 10/8 3-4pm. Poster Hall #30. Abstract ID: 062 - 1361
  • Steven Parker: Quantitative Phase Microscopy and Förster Resonance Energy Transfer for Analyzing Cell Ion Dynamics. 10/9 1:45-2:45pm. Room: Crystal G1. Abstract ID: 056 - 1396

Supplemental Figures

09/21/2021 Cell 2



09/01/2021 Cell 1