Dual-axis OCT paper is journal's #3 "Top Download"

A recent paper by Yang Zhao and other members of the BIOS Lab has garnered a Top Download distinction.  Their paper, "Dual-axis optical coherence tomography for deep tissue imaging," which appeared in Optics Letters' 12th issue of 2017, was the journal's third most downloaded article during the month of June.

The article demonstrates that a new dual-axis OCT configuration is capable of imaging much deeper under skin than conventional OCT, and at much higher speeds than previous implementations of dual-axis OCT.

Congratulations to Yang for capturing the attention of the optics community!

June 2017 OL Top Downloads


Quantitative phase imaging of cell disorder receives media attention

One of our lab's recent research papers has caught the notice of the press.  An article in New Atlas highlights the findings of a Biophysical Journal paper, published by Ph.D. student Will Eldridge and Professor Wax along with co-authors Zach Steelman and Brianna Loomis.  This work describes how the stiffness of cells, which is a key metric in the study of cell function, can be measured in a novel way: by sensing the level of disorder within the cell using Quantitative Phase Microscopy.

Link to New Atlas media article

Link to Biophysical Journal research article

A figure from the Biophysical Journal article

MS Student Jawad Hoballah Receives Inaugural Fellowship

Congratulations to Jawad Hoballah!  Jawad was one of 11 Duke BME Master's students to receive the newly created Student Research Fellowship.

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Jawad Hoballah

We bid farewell to Jason

After three years at the BIOS laboratory, we say goodbye to Jason...

 Farewell Lunch Aug 2016

BIOS lab members attend OSA BIOMED congress

BIOS lab members boarding the conference party cruise

The OSA BIOMED congress in Hollywood, FL was great fun.

Presentations by our group included:

Clinical Detection of Cervical Dysplasia Using Angle-resolved Low Coherence Interferometry by Derek Ho

Guidance of Angle-resolved Low Coherence Interferometry Using Co-located Optical Coherence Tomography on Rat Esophageal Tissue by Sanghoon Kim

Toward the Assessment of Blood Oxygenation Using Multispectral Multiple Scattering Low Coherence Interferometry by Yang Zhao

BIOS lab work featured at

Researchers are expanding interferometric techniques to improve medical diagnostics.

BIOS lab work by Jason Maher and Yang Zhao featured on

Recent papers on OCT & Raman spectroscopy and on spectroscopic OCT for characterizing burns


Adam Wax gives the Modern Optics and Spectroscopy Seminar at MIT

October 13, 2015

Cambridge, MA

Nanoscale Imaging and Sensing of Live Cells


Derek Ho presents a/LCI cervix results at SPIE/NIH Biophotonics from Bench to Bedside conference

September 24-25, 2015

Bethesda, MD

Angle-resolved low coherence interferometry for the detection of cervical dysplasia in vivo